MEET MANAGER for Track & Field

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field 1.0

MMTF can run any track meet in the world and run it well
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HY-TEK Sports Software

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field (TFMM) can run any track meet in the world and run it well. We have over 8,000 track and field clients in 100 countries and our system has been used in the USA Olympic Trials and in tens of thousands of local meets worldwide. HY-TEK's track software's user-friendly features are intuitive and flexible, built to save the valuable time of organizers like you. HY-TEK knows every second counts and wants to make sure you have everything you need to operate efficiently.

TFMM can run any type of track and field meet, at any level of competition. There's nothing TFMM can't do:
- Seed heats using multiple methods
- Print heat and psych sheets (1, 2, or 3 column)
- Pull reports on meet entries and entry fees
- Generate entry cards or labels
- Create award labels
- View meet summaries
- Receive record breaker updates and reports
- Post real-time results to the Web
- Save all reports in PDF format
- Score individual and team points using multiple methods
- Interface with 16 different timing systems
- Display multiple brands of alpha-numeric scoreboards

The MEET MANAGER Start-Up comes equipped to run a basic all-comers track meet. The track and field software features a comprehensive online help resource, a meet results export tool, full data access, extensive reporting, and support for an unlimited number of records and time standards. Plus, reports are brilliantly designed and give you the flexibility to translate every word and phrase into virtually any language, which can be exported into multiple formats.

With MEET MANAGER's unique Run Menu Scoreboard, you are front and center on all the action, with full control over each event and heat. All the information you need is on your screen, allowing you to make instant changes and additions. Quickly manage DQ's, scratches, late entries, relay names, awards, judge's decisions, results and more.

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